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Are Your Content Marketing Efforts In Danger From Mobile?

Ah, mobile technology. It makes our lives so much easier. We can check just about anything in an instant. Facebook, Twitter, email, maps, and ordering anything is in the palm of our hands. But is your business’ content marketing efforts in, *gasp* danger from mobile?

In order to put how mobile will affect your content marketing efforts, let’s take a look at content sharing on social media to get the proper context. A study by and BuzzSumo called 2.6 Billion Shares Reveals Which Platforms and Publishers Dominate Social looked at how and where people are sharing content.

The top 5 social media platforms that people are sharing content on:

  1. Facebook – 81.9%
  2. Twitter – 8.6%
  3. Google+ – 4.3%
  4. Pinterest – 3%
  5. LinkedIn – 2.2%

This *should* get you thinking about what content you are publishing and how the content looks when it is shared, especially on Facebook.

Facebook Mobile Content Viewing and Sharing

According to Facebook’s own statistics, “This quarter, half a billion users out of a total 1.39 billion accessed the social network using only a mobile device, making an increase of 26 percent year-over-year. That’s 37.8 percent of Facebook users that never log in to the desktop site,” on The Next Web article.

Recommended Actions:

  • Check how your mobile content looks when shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • How does your Website content look when clicked on Facebook and other social media platforms? (See below for mobile testing)
  • If you are advertising your business with Facebook ads, are you choosing to show those ads on Mobile? How do they look?

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Mobile Content Marketing Efforts

So, with this information, I took a look at my site analytics to see how many of my own visitors were viewing content from a mobile device. Over 80% were viewing on either iOS or Android devices. What percentage of your visitors to your website are on mobile?

Recommended Action:

  • Check your Website Analytics to see what operating system visitors are using to view your Website content.

Website Content Marketing

Since a crazy amount of content is being viewed on smartphones and tablets today, how does your Website Content render on these devices?

Recommended Actions:

  • Test your website in smartphone and tablet emulators – for Free at
  • Get your Website Grades and Content Scores – for Free, links at Search Engine Journal (7 Free Graders)

The Human “Factor” Side

If you are using an email auto-responder for your business email marketing, what time(s) are you sending out your emails? Many smartphone owners are now using their phones as alarm clocks and have them sitting by their beds. Something that many people do first thing in the morning is check their email and quickly delete email that doesn’t quickly grab their attention. Are your emails in danger of being deleted if they are sent out early in the morning and they are the first emails people see when they grab their smartphone?

Recommended Action:

  • Look into and test what times you are sending and open rates for your email marketing.

==>> Let me know in the comments below what other ways you are validating that your mobile content marketing efforts are working.


Shane Petty is a maverick entrepreneur and advocate for small business success at MLM Business Insanity. He energizes small business owners and helps them grow their businesses with online marketing and lead generation strategies. He is the creator of the 7-Part Online Marketing Training Series.


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