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How to change your mindset & your life

If you want to build a successful online business while helping local business owners, you're in the right place.

Once you understand how your online business can grow while helping local business owners and you have taken the time to change your mindset, you can turn your knowledge into value and grow an incredibly profitable online business.

So why do so many (upwards of 99%) network marketers fail? Well, the business model is flawed and trying to build someone else's business is risky. When you look at the MLM statistics, only about 1% of people involved in a MLM business opportunity actually make any money. The competition is incredible both online and offline. And you'll need to continue the revolving door bringing people into your MLM business opportunity and upselling them on affilate products and online marketing systems.

About Shane

I've been an entrepreneur since I was 11 years old. I started mowing lawns and learning about customer service, cash flow, expenses and how the business closed during the winter. I got smart about seasonal business cycles and I added a newspaper route to the mix to make money year-round. I worked a series of jobs while in high school in fast food, a framing store and a country club getting experience.

While I was in college, I actually worked for some of my education in the work/study program and during the Summers, I took on different jobs to save money to keep my 1968 Mustang running and have spending money during the college year. I also worked two different internships, one of which landed me a job offer prior to graduating.

I continued to work in different family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 companies for 13 years, changing jobs about every 3 years. I learned a great deal about business, computer systems and management. I also learned I really didn't envision doing a corporate gig for the rest of my life. So I always had "side businesses" that I started all along the way by doing Web development and business consulting. I wanted to build my own business that I could grow to a full-time income.

So in June 2007, I jumped out of corporate with one of my side-ventures to work it full-time. And I failed miserably. The business was actually stabilizing with consistent customers and then the Great Recession of 2008 hit me right between the eyes in September 2008. It was the absolute worst time I could imagine, but it also taught me some very valuable lessons. Lessons that I took to help a college friend build a start-up business and sell it. Then I worked on my mindset to continue to improve myself and ultimately start several other businesses. This business, MLM Business Insanity, is one of the businesses that is the product of all the lessons I have learned.

I love to travel and learn about different cultures. This passion began with a trip as a sophomore in high school to the former Soviet Union (Russia) for a month on a student exchange program. Then it continued with a trip to Europe as a senior in high school. I've been to Russia a second time with my wife, Mexico, Honduras, China, Mongolia, and Sudan. I just love travelling.

I'm also a HUGE San Antonio Spurs fan. I grew up watching the "Ice Man" George Gervin and then the greatness continued with David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

My family is the focus of my life and why I'm so driven as an entrepreneur. Time and money freedom are at the top of my list, so I can simply spend more quality time with them and travel, of course.

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    I’m an online marketing honcho and local business lead generation expert.

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