Are You Living For A 4-Hour Workweek?

Do you think a 4-hour workweek is even possible? I’ve read Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Workweek. I thought the book was solid and practical emphasizing using the Pareto 80/20 principle and optimizing your work. Even Tim has mentioned that he chose the title because it performed the best on Google Adwords. Are you living…

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content marketing efforts danger mobile

Are Your Content Marketing Efforts In Danger From Mobile?

Ah, mobile technology. It makes our lives so much easier. We can check just about anything in an instant. Facebook, Twitter, email, maps, and ordering anything is in the palm of our hands. But is your business’ content marketing efforts in, *gasp* danger from mobile? In order to put how mobile will affect your content…

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Part 7 – The Follow-Up – Online Marketing Training

Discover why it is critical that prospects find you. In The Follow-Up MLM training, you will unlock the key to developing your follow-up strategy that leads to online marketing success. You will not believe 4 shocking follow-up statistics, but they are true. Discover why many marketers fail online and how you can avoid following in their shoes.  

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driving traffic

Part 6 – Driving Traffic – Online Marketing Training

Discover how to prepare yourself and your business to drive traffic. In the Driving Traffic MLM training, you will grasp the secret to fully understanding attraction marketing. You will also uncover the 3 types of traffic, the dirty secret about free traffic, and how you can easily automate your relationship building process. Driving traffic is introducing your ideal customer with problems to solutions.…

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getting social

Part 5 – Getting Social – Online Marketing Training

Discover how to use social media to build online relationships. In the Getting Social MLM training, you will discover the secret to managing your social media profiles and how to avoid burning out. Uncover the Big 6 social platforms, where to find content to share and a little known content sharing formula that will build relationships and…

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