Online Marketing Training Lounge - Part 2

Ideal Customer

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Part 2 - Ideal Customer - Online Marketing Training

After you understand the attraction marketing strategy, identifying your ideal customer's avatar is next critical step to your success with online marketing. In the Ideal Customer Online Marketing training, you'll discover how to create your ideal customer's avatar. Everything you will build online will depend on your ideal customer's avatar.

Building A Relationship

Identifying your ideal customer's avatar is important because it helps you understand who you are speaking with. Building your business online is no different than talking to an interested local business owner in person. You must understand who they are, what their background is, why they want to grow their local business and determine if they are a good fit for you online marketing business. And YES, you MUST choose the people you want to work with.

After you create your ideal customer's avatar, you will be able to speak to that specific person's problems and offer solutions. DO NOT skip this step. Otherwise you will waste a tremendous amount of time and money trying to target the wrong people trying to grow your business.

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