Online Marketing Training Lounge - Part 4

Building A Sales Funnel

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Part 4 - Building A Sales Funnel - Online Marketing Training

Discover why a sales funnel is critical to your success online. In the Building A Sales Funnel Online Marketing Training, you'll discover how a sales funnel helps build trust and the keys to creating a high converting sales funnel. Uncover the 2 things your funnel should accomplish and the 9 components of an effective sales page.

Getting Prospects To Know, Like And Trust You

Understanding the problem your ideal customer has will allow you to offer a solution. But you need to build a relationship with your prospect so they know, like and trust you. By creating a sales funnel and providing valuable information for your prospect, you'll create a value proposition.

You are freely giving your prospect a solution to their problem in return for their name and email. This creates a small micro-commitment and is the beginning of building the trust relationship.

By building an effective sales funnel with an email auto responder, you can continue to add value and "attract" them to you.

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