Online Marketing Training Lounge - Part 6

Driving Traffic

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Part 6 - Driving Traffic - Online Marketing Training

Discover how to prepare yourself and your business to drive traffic. In the Driving Traffic Online Marketing Training, you'll grasp the secret to fully understanding attraction marketing. You'll also uncover the 3 types of traffic,  the dirty secret about free traffic, and how you can easily automate your relationship building process.

Offering A Solution To Your Prospect's Problem

Driving traffic is introducing your ideal customer with problems to solutions you have. You do this by providing value to your prospect, NOT selling. Let me repeat that... NOT selling. Your prospect is interested in solving a problem they have. Driving traffic is simply the method you are introducing them to valuable information you are providing to them to help them along the way to solving their problem.

View yourself as a trusted guide on their journey. However, at this point, you're not exactly trusted until you offer them valuable information that they can use to address the problem they are experiencing. This is why it is critical that your sales funnel provides continuous value so you become their trusted guide and adviser.

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